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If you wish to register directly with EJI a claim for a deceased performer, we kindly ask you to fill out our Heir’s Form below. You may also designate, at your sole discretion, the rights and geographical territories (countries) in which you wish to be represented by EJI. By default EJI will represent you worldwide and for all rights managed by EJI. If you wish to restrict our mandate for a certain geographic region or for certain rights, we kindly ask you to use our annex to the personal data form.

In case the rights to be administered by EJI subsist in commercially available sound recordings we also ask you to register your repertoire using our Sound Recording Form.

This Heir’s Form requests information we need to now in order to communicate with you and to be able to transfer the remuneration that is due to you. The form have to be printed out, signed by you and delivered or sent in by post to EJI (1033 Budapest, Vörösvári út 101., Hungary) for registration.

After having finished to fill-in this forms, click on ´Submit´. This will start printing out the pages of the form and also send an electronic copy of the form to EJI. Your claim, however, will not be activated until we receive from you the properly signed forms by post.

EJI keeps all your personal information strictly confidential and does not use them for any other purposes than managing your claim. This may include, to the extent necessary, notifying other collecting societies of the fact that you have registered with us in respect of certain sound recordings.

The information that has been sent to us electronically is data protected and is stored in our secure server. Unless so instructed by competent authorities, EJI will never disclose any personal information to any third parties.