Registration with EJI

Under European law you are fully entitled to register directly with EJI or, for that matter, with any other European society of your choice. Registering with EJI requires a rather simple procedure. We need to know some personal data of yours in order to transfer the remuneration due to you and, in case the rights to be administered by EJI subsist in sound recordings, also of the commercially available sound recordings (WIPO WPPT Art. 15) in the making of which you participated as a performing artist.

These particulars are to be provided by way of filling out a) a Personal Data Form and b) a Sound Recording Form. The forms then have to be printed out, signed by the artist, and delivered or sent in by post to EJI for registration.
When filling out these forms you may also designate, at your sole discretion, the rights, and geographical territories (countries) in which you wish to be represented by EJI.

Bilateral agreements with sister societies

EJI has several bilateral agreements with sister societies operating abroad.
If you are already a member of another collective rights management society representing performing artists, please contact the performers' society operating in your country to see whether you are covered by a bilateral agreement between EJI and this society.
Here is the list of societies EJI has a bilateral agreement with.

Please note that the official language of conducting business with EJI is the Hungarian language. Services in English are provided only as courtesy. While all reasonable efforts were made to accurately convey the meaning of pertaining statutory provisions and internal rules, the translation of these provisions should not be regarded as certified.

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