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This track has not been registered by any featured performer before the original registration deadline (24 April 2015).
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On this page, you can search in the list of those sound recordings which were broadcast in 2014, and in relation to which the line-up of contributing performers was missing or incomplete.

If the search returns recordings in the making of which you have participated as a performing artist, please register this recording to your name until the 10th of April to the latest. Please observe this deadline for after its expiry claims for the year 2014 will no longer be admissible. To register a recording just follow the on-screen instructions.

Payment of royalties for recordings registered to your name will be made according to the following Rules of Distribution (RD):
- Supplementary payment is due to you if the line-up of the recording you have now registered was altogether missing.
- Supplementary payment is due to you also if you participated in the making of the recording as a featured performer (RD II. 1. d)) and so far this recording has only been registered by non-featured performers (RD II. 1. e)). Recordings in this category are marked with

Obviously, if you register a recording now, this will be taken into account in all subsequent distributions.

Information on recordings is displayed in the same way it appeared on playlists received from broadcasters. Before registration, please check the accuracy of all information displayed. Please register only recordings which were put into commercial circulation, including those made available on the internet.

We notify all rightowners of the outcome of this supplementary distribution simultaneously with transferring payment to them.

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